QRP Party

Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) and Grady Ball (WB3JUV) chatting.

Ron Waid (K3REW) playing with his new QRP radio.

Pete Carpenter (KC3MVS) showing off his QRP radio.

Pete Carpenter (KC3MVS), Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) and Grady Ball (WB3JUV) at QRP Party in Grady’s backyard.

Couple of pics showing some radio setups at the QRP Party.

POTA Eagles Nest Aug, 26th 2023

Went to Eagles Nest Wildlife Refuge and had a great time with Bill Bouchard (N3EDO), Grady Ball (WB3JUV), and Ron Waid (K3REW)

Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) and Grady Ball (WB3JUV)

Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) and Ron Waid (K3REW)

Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) all set up and ready to go. Bill was using his Icom 7300 and a 20m Hamstick.

Bill Bouchard (N3EDO) and Grady Ball (WB3JUV) having a good time, while Bill makes FT8 contacts for POTA

Ron Waid (K3REW) all set up and ready for POTA

Ron Waid (K3REW) Having a good time and making contacts on FT8. Ron was using his Yaesu 991 (non alpha) and switched between 10m and 40m hamsticks.

Delaware Amateur Radio Conference

On February 29th, 2020 Bill Duveneck KB3KYH ARRL Section Manager, Held a conference state-wide at the Moose Lodge in Milford. Topics included:

  • ARRL and Delaware ARRL Section Overview
  • Delmarva Hamfest and ARRL State Convention Update
  • Delaware QSO Party Announcement
  • Contesting…How YOU can be a Contester
  • FT-8…Getting on the Air With This Popular Digital Mode
  • EMCOMM…Are You Ready?
  • Section Traffic Manager’s Update
  • Software Defined Radios…A New Age
  • Battery and Solar Panel Sizing…Make Sure Your Portable Station Can Stay On The Air
  • Delaware Linked Repeater System and Wires X Overview

This was a great conference with excellent Speakers with lots of informative topics.

Al Waller K3TKJ
John Low K3JL
Marty Brett AD3J
Ron Waid K3REW